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Everything You Need To Know About Email
Email or Electronic mail is a method of exchanging messages between the individuals utilizing electronic gadgets. When email was first launched it drew attention since  it eased the task of messaging in comparison to traditional mail posting. By mid 1970s it had taken a new form.It was recognized everywhere now.  Some of the common uses of email are listed below:
  • One-to-Many Communications
  • Sending Documents/Pictures
  • Nowadays Email is also been utilizing for marketing, often termed as email marketing.     
Common Issues With Email:
 There are some common email issues that often arises with every individual. These are listed below:
  •              Unable to access their domain email account.
  •               Emails are missing.
  •               Why my email wasn't delivered.
  •               I can receive but can't send any email.
  •              I can't send or receive any emails.
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Email customer service

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