Sky Email Customer Service

Sky email International has roots in the international mail business. Sky email offers a wide range of mailing options using the latest in technology. It provides many services like direct mailing, inserting, postal automation, and international mail. Sky email is a full-service mail organization; able to support intelligent inserting and postal automation of letter mail. Whether Sky email generates content or client delivers printed materials; it has the capability to support a high volume of mail automation. Sky email also supports automation of postcard and other self-mailers through inkjet technology. Sky email International has roots in the international mail business. Leveraging in-house sorting capacity; Sky email prepares and inducts mail directly to USPS gateway facilities.

Common Issues and Problems Related to Sky Email

  • To create Sky email account

  • To change Email password

  • Setting up Email on an iPhone

  • To add a new Email user Account

  • Spam Policy

If the customer is incapable to deal with such issues, he should worry anymore and just follow the instructions given below or else he can directly call Skymail customer service number to find instant support.

How to Create a Sky email account

If you want to create an email account, first of all, you will need a Sky iD. To open a second email account, you need to create another separate Sky iD.

  • First of all, go to and then either select Email from the top menu bar or go to Sky EMail Sign in.

  • Then you need to sign in with your Sky iD accept the Terms and Conditions if this is your first sign in

  • Or select Sign Up to create a Sky iD.

  • After that setup Sky EMail on your device

  • Follow the instructions provided below to set up emails on your mobile, tablet or computer.

If you want to access your emails on your device using an email app, such as Outlook or Apple Mail, it is recommended to update it with the latest version. This will help to ensure your account is protected by modern security standards because some older versions may be less secure. If you find any glitches then you call contact sky email customer service. 

How to Compose and Send Mails

  • First of all Select Compose.

  • Then type email addresses in the 'To' field and optionally in the 'CC'(carbon copy) and 'BCC' (blind carbon copy) fields.

  • After that fill in the Subject box and write your message in the large area provided below.

  • Finally select Send. Sent messages are automatically saved in your Sent folder.

Sky Email Customer Service Number

To troubleshoot all the issues related to sky email you can call the sky email customer service phone number. The technicians available in sky email customer service are experts in their field and provides a relevant and effective solution for every query that customer is facing while using sky email.