HP Printer Customer Service 

“Hewlett-Packard (HP)” is a successfully established computer company of America. The main business of HP is to manufacture personal computers and laptops, the company also produces and supplies hardware products for computers such as a keyboard, mouse, printers etc.

HP printer is one the best printers and if something happens wrong with it HP got you covered by providing HP Printer customer service phone number. A printer is a very helpful machine in today’s corporate world. Whatever you want on a paper, you can get it printed in seconds. Students also take advantages of a printer in making school assignments or college projects, case studies. It helps to reduce the workload. All you can do is make a doc file on the computer and set it according to page numbers and get it printed and it's done. But since it is a machine which runs on electricity and the machine itself is made up of a wide range of small machinery inside it, it can give issues any unexpected sudden time. When you come across such situation, the first thing you’d do is dial HP printer customer service phone number to get assistance. There are lots of people who have placed complaints about little issues with HP printer. Following are some of those problems.

Common issues with HP Printer and solutions

  • It takes too long to print.
  • Papers stuck inside.
  • Prints are coming out in very bad condition.
  • It has stopped printing.
  • Driver issues.
  • Printer connection problem.
  • 50.4 Error.
  • Printing only half of a page.
  • Prints are exploding pixels.
  • Printer making weird noises.
  • The printer is not showing up on the computer.
  • The printer is pulling more than one paper to print and then the papers jam inside.

HP Customer service phone number

Here, we will discuss why all these errors and problems occur and their solutions. When we use printers and we know it a machine which should be serviced from time to time. When we use it for long, we should change the cartridge refill of the printer if it is printing faded pages. If you get any difficulty in connection, detach the USB cable from printer and computer, uninstall printer drivers and reinstall them completely and then use the printer. You can also call on HP printer customer service phone number to get technical help. If the paper jams inside, you may call the technician to fix it up rather doing it yourself. Also, keep the machine inside parts lubricated so that it won’t hold the papers and to avoid horrible printing noise.